Leadership Assessment and Development packages


Identifying leadership potential, predicting career limiting behaviours and accelerating potential.



Executive & Leadership
360o Feedback Projects


Providing individuals with an insight into the way they are perceived by others.



Emotional Intelligence at work packages for individuals and teams 


Helping teams and individuals to become personally and inter-personally more effective.



Personality Assessment &
Feedback Service


Predicting job-person fit, workplace performance, values, motivations and potential.



Aptitude Assessment &
Feedback Service


Measuring the specific skills and different ability areas required for a role.





Consultancy services and training to help achieve your organisations goals.


Trained To Use World Class Assessments


What our clients are saying...

Recent and Ongoing Projects

Psychometric Assessment for Lawyer recruitment.

Facilitation of Assessment and Development Centres and Assessor skills training.

Senior Leadership Assessment, Competency based interviewing, Assessment Feedback Service and Training in the use of psychometrics.

Executive 360-degree feedback project.

Job Analysis, Psychometric assessment, Developmental feedback and coaching, Assessor skills training, Consultancy change projects.

Psychometric Assessment for Senior leadership positions.

Training in using psychometrics for assessment and coaching.

Senior Psychologist for Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Project.

Unconscious bias presentation and training delivery.



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